FairWertung in brief

FairWertung - the German Fair Recycling Federation - is a network of non-profit organisations and social enterprises (many of them church-related) that comply with criteria laid down by FairWertung for the fair collection and marketing of second-hand clothes. FairWertung also has its own label which can be identified easily. Organisations committing themselves to fulfilling these criteria are permitted to use the FairWertung label.
The federation currently has 100 member organisations throughout Germany (see map – Internet) collecting 38,000 tons of second-hand clothes (unsorted) each year. Some of these have been running their own sorting facilities but, in the last year, several have had to close down operations because of economic difficulties. Eighteen organisations run second-hand clothing job-creation projects, for example collecting clothes in containers, emptying containers or running second-hand outlets.

Our goals:

FairWertung seeks:

  • to promote ethical standards and transparency in the collection and marketing of second-hand clothes
  • to support networking among social enterprises
  • to develop projects for second-hand marketing
  • to provide information services and educational programmes for consumers
  • to develop guidelines for relief transports of second-hand goods
  • to develop models of co-operation with NGO's overseas

How we work:

FairWertung works together with several dealers and sorting companies in Germany and Western Europe that are also committed to FairWertung's marketing criteria and controlling procedures. The collected clothing is preferentially sold to these contractors. FairWertung provides information services for consumers and non-profit organisations and guarantees service to member organisations.